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AI/ML Advisory Board

DevNetwork Advisory Boards are composed of industry leaders, visionaries, and technical executives in the software engineering industry. As the destination for the global developer, engineering & IT community, DevNetwork has both the goal and obligation to present the most cutting-edge, innovative, and relevant content at our industry conferences and events. Our Advisory Board members help make that possible.

The AI/ML Advisory Board is a group of experts and industry executives who specialize in topics including: artificial intelligence best practices, machine learning technologies, Bots & Language Processing, Neural Networks, and emerging AI innovations.The AI/ML Advisory Board is a group of experts and industry executives who specialize in topics including: artificial intelligence best practices, machine learning technologies, Bots & Language Processing, Neural Networks, and emerging AI innovations.

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Advisory Board Members

Krishna Aerabati

Director of Software Engineering @ Relativity

Krishna Aerabati is a Director of Software Engineering at Relativity! He is always thinking about humans, machines and how machine intelligence can make it easy for humans dealing with tons of information! As a long time Greater Chicago area resident, he gets to discover eDiscovery industry, engineer products that aims to bring a bit more justice this world every day. He also likes to think if himself as a work-life-balance expert, but his family may disagree! These days, he is volunteering along with eminent members of scientific community organizations towards the goal of address the alarming crisis of Soil Extinction!

Shashank Agarwal

Senior Decision Scientist @ CVS Health

Shashank Agarwal is a highly recognized, international award-winning analytics expert who has channeled his expertise within the healthcare space over the years. His experience cuts across various areas in market access, artificial intelligence, brand analytics, predictive modeling, launch strategy, and multi-channel marketing, among others, at several Fortune 500 companies such as CVS Health, AbbVie, and IQVIA. He has led multiple end-to-end implementations to achieve substantial cost savings and optimize business processes. Additionally, he holds a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University.

Alexander Alten

CEO @ DataBloom AI

Alexander is the co-founder and CEO of Databloom AI, a company that enables the true value of data with a federated data lakehouse. Our flagship product, Blossom Sky, enables direct and real-time access to data silos and data pools and accelerates data processing across multiple data processing engines with federated data lakes.

I'm also one of the original creators of Apache Wayang (incubating), an open-source platform for cross-platform data processing. I have held executive data leader roles at Cloudera, Allianz, Evariant, e.on., and X, where I built big data cloud solutions, IoT, or AI to drive business outcomes.

Ahmad Awais

VP of Developer Relations (DevRel & DX) @ RapidAPI

Ahmad Awais is an award-winning open-source engineer, Vice President of Developer Relations at RapidAPI, Google Developers Expert, Node.js Community Committee Outreach Lead, BGB Member Linux Foundation & OpenAPI, WordPress Core Dev, and ex VP of Engineering WGA.

He has authored various open-source dev tools millions of developers use worldwide, like his Shades of Purple code-theme or the corona-cli. Awais contributed code to NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter mission. “What an awesome example for developers,” said Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft — featuring Awais’s contribution to NASA & corona-cli. He's a recognized open-source community leader as one of the 12 featured GitHub Stars.

Gaurav Baid

Co-Founder & CPO @ Avataar

A deep learner who has an unquenchable quest for new experiences; a passionate consumer behaviour student who believes in starting with WHY; a wanderer at heart who seeks out adventure sports; an out and out entrepreneur who got business acumen handed down to him in genes are what describe Gaurav.

In his entrepreneurial journey at Avataar, Gaurav has set out to deliver meaningful & delightful enhancements to visual experiences by deploying 3D Computer Vision and AI technological advancements. His passion for the consumer tech space started early and he desires to foster a nurturing ecosystem for the next generation.

Monica Bajaj

VP of Engineering @ Okta

Monica Bajaj is a seasoned technology executive with vast industry experience leading global, diverse engineering teams. Her expertise spans technology, operations, global expansion, and product launch in areas such as Consumer/Enterprise, Infrastructure, Business Intelligence, DevOps, and Security. She is skilled in building high-performing, secure software systems that can handle millions of users and transactions with a focus on engagement, resiliency, and scalability. Monica has held senior engineering leadership positions at Okta, Workday, Network Appliance, and UKG. She earned a BS and MS in Computer Science from IIT Mumbai, India.

Rodrigo Beceiro

CTO @ Marvik

Rodrigo is CTO and cofounder of Marvik, a machine learning startup that focuses on computer vision, natural language processing, predictive analytics and data engineering. Marvik was part of 500 Startups immersion programs and works with multiple Fortune 500 clients.

Rodrigo is also an Engineer and has a Tech-MBA. He also is also a MIT Deep Tech Bootcamp alumni.

Adam Blum

CTO @ Empath

Serial CTO/co-founder of AI/ML companies with several successful exits. Wrote first applied neural networks an embarrassing 30 years ago. Led first enterprise applied NLP product at Microsoft. Adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon.

Jeff Bodzewski

Founder | CEO @ agenci3

Award-winning data and digital transformation leader recognized by Harvard Business Review, IBM, and Oxford University Press for his innovative models that deliver measurable financial impact.

Jeff has launched new ventures and models as a tech foudner and consulting companies such as Omnicom, Google, Boston Beer, Nissan, Publicis Groupe, Unilever and AT&T. He spent several years as Centrica's senior advisor to deregulate state energy markets.

Jeff earned his MBA in Strategy from Kelley School at Indiana University Bloomington and a BA from Purdue University. He currently resides in Barrington, Illinois with his three sons and two rescue dogs.

Vasudev BV Bogguram

Quality Leader @ Marsh McLennan

About 20+ years of experience in Test Project Delivery, Test Process Consulting, Test Strategy, Test Management and Test Automation Consulting. Lead /managed Testing programs for some of the major European Banking retail customers, Food supply chain management, CRM, Accounting domains and Telecom Customers in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and US. Holds a patent in setting of Test Factory models and Dynamic application testing.

Michelle Bonat

CTO @ AI Squared

Michelle is the CTO at AI Squared, responsible for all technology, IT, and Product Management. Most recently an AI CTO at JPMC, Michelle led AI Innovation for Chase Bank Digital, scaled data and AI solutions, and authored numerous AI/ML patents.

She spent 20 years in leadership roles across engineering, product and data science, founded her own Fintech, and lead product roles for three acquired companies. She led engineering and product for financial web applications globally at Oracle.

Michelle serves on the Advisory Board for Northwestern’s MBAi program. She received an MBA from Kellogg and an undergraduate degree from Northwestern.

AI Brown

CTO @ Veritone

Serial Entrepreneur. CTO of a public AI company, Veritone. BS Computer Science from Colorado School of Mines. USC MBA. Ex IBM. Standards author jcp, rfc, oasis. 2 kids and a chocolate lab.

Aaron Burciaga

Senior Practice Manager @ Amazon

Aaron Burciaga is a renowned Data Scientist, AI Engineer, author and Advisor. Aaron's roles have included Senior Practice Manager for Artificial Intelligence System Integration at Amazon Web Services (AWS), VP Data & AI at ECS Technology, Global Operation Director Analytics & AI at HCL Technologies, VP Data Science & AI at Booz Allen Hamilton, and Global Analytics Lead at Accenture. Aaron was a Marine Corps officer and Iraq war veteran and was the head operations research analyst at the Pentagon, supporting the Marine Corps Headquarters. Aaron is a Forbes contributor, frequently invited keynote and speaker, and Certified Analytics Professional (CAP).

Angel Camacho

Director of Product Marketing @ Redis

Enterprise product expert with years of experience in Cloud, Big Data, and AI/ML Solutions.As a Product Leader, I am committed to improving innovation, competitive intelligence, and market success in a multi-cultural environment.

Felipe Castro Quiles

CEO @ Emerging Rule

Co-founder/CEO at Emerging Rule, GENIA Latinoamérica & HUBVERY, Felipe has led new companies with a global reach for more than a decade.

He’s an MBA from the European Forum of Navarra Business School, specialized in Deep Learning, Blockchain Revolution and Virtual Education.

His ideas, strategies and models have achieved international recognition and led him to be recognized 'Top 30' by the Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF). Felipe maintains that, ""True equality means enjoying the same freedoms; these are only achieved by acting and thinking in accordance with the will and inclusion of all the groups conform our society.""

Soudip Chowdhury

Founder and CEO @

Dr. Soudip Roy Chowdhury is the founder and CEO of Eugenie is on a mission to help manufacturing companies achieve economic and ecological sustainability using AI and IoT. His illustrative career spans over two decades in building enterprise software and AI products for IBM, Rakuten,, and others. He holds a Ph.D. in machine learning, has co-authored close to 12 international peer-reviewed technical papers and journals, and 4 US patents. Dr. Chowdhury also holds an adjunct faculty position in one of the premier Indian institutes, IIT KGP. He is passionate about building AI products for the greater social good.

Amreth Chandrasehar

Director of ML Engineering, Observability and SRE @ Informatica

Amreth is a Director at Informatica responsible for ML Engineering, Observability and SRE teams. Over last few years, Amreth has played key role in Public Cloud Migration, CNCF Architecture, Generative AI, Observability and AI/ML adoption at various organizations. Amreth is also co-creator of Conducktor Platform, serving T-Mobile's 140+ million customers, Tech Advisory board member at and Customer Advisory board member at AWS and Amreth has been invited and spoken at several key conferences and has won several awards within the company and recently awarded 2 Gold Awards at Globee and an International Achievers Award for his contributions.

Amol Dewhare

Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer @ Conektto Inc

An experienced executive with demonstrated ability to lead diverse teams of professionals in a variety of industries and fast paced environments. Strong technical and business qualifications with an impressive track record of 20+ years of experience in strategic planning, business unit development, program management, product engineering and systems implementation.

Proven ability to define robust technical strategy and facilitate corporate success by aligning technology and platforms to enable business goals. Expertise in building and driving high performing teams delivering customer facing digital experiences while maturing engineering practices.

Earned Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Chicago Booth school of Business.

Alpesh Doshi

Director @ Fintricity

I am an entrepreneur focused on delivering solutions with emerging technology and digital transformation. One of the key areas are around leveraging the use of Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) across all parts of a business. Innovation drives growth in businesses!

Alpesh focuses on delivering solutions with emerging technology and digital transformation. He advises on how to leverage the use of Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) across all parts of a business and helping companies transform their business models. Specifically focused on Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and Data. Areas of focus include architectures such as Data Meshes, and Cloud Native applications.

Brian Drake

Federal CTO @ Accrete.AI

Brian Drake is the Federal CTO of Accrete.AI. He is responsible for the application of Accrete’s commercial AI solutions to the public sector. Drake was also an Intelligence Officer within the DIA where he led the briefing team for the SecDef, DepSec, and other “E Ring” principals. He managed over $20M worth of projects as DIA’s first Director of Artificial Intelligence. He earned the Federal 100 award by Federal Computer Week for his program’s achievements and work on the agency’s AI strategy. Drake also serves as the President and CEO of the Defense Intelligence Memorial Foundation.

Gloria Felicia


Gloria Felicia (Glo) is a technology entrepreneur with 2x exits. She graduated from University of Virginia with a degree in Business and IT. In the past, Glo has done research in the area of Deep Neural Networks. Glo is currently running a Cybersecurity AI company called InsightCircle AI ( and is a board member to several other startups.

Together with Juliet Kelso and Grace Ng, she has co-founded Oasis Collective, a Women In AI Community which holds private brunches, dinners, and demo days.

To learn more about Gloria Felicia, please visit her website at

Anton Gochev

VP of Engineering @ Luko

- Former full-stack software engineer (still writing code, sometimes)
- Executive experience in startups, having led product and engineering teams
- 1x successful exit two startups ago
- Experience in product strategy, roadmap development, and shipping software products from ideation to MVP to PMF
- Scaled teams at various stages of growth (4 to 10, 20 to 40 and 50 to 85)
- Super enthusiastic about the potential of AI and what it will bring to the future.

Taeil Goh

Sr Software Engineering Manager @ Capital One

I have over 14 years of software engineering experience primarily in cybersecurity delivering enterprise products to high-security industries such as government, military, and finance. Mainly as a software engineer but have been wearing multiple hats including CISO, UX lead, cloud architect, and product manager. Currently, I focus on evolving our cloud offering for both short term and long term growth. I love to wake up every day for another day of a challenge. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from San Francisco State University and master's degree in Master of Information and Data Science at UC Berkeley.

Maheedhar Gunturu

Founder, CEO @

Maheedhar Gunturu is a seasoned technology executive with over 15+ years of experience in software development with extensive experience in Linux, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things, Cyber Security, 5G and various software ecosystems. Mr. Gunturu also played an active role in open-source working on cutting-edge distributed systems projects like Hadoop, Hbase, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, OpenCV and PyTorch. Since 2018, Mr. Gunturu has been the Global Head and Director of Partnership & Solutions Engineering of ScyllaDB, an open-source distributed NoSQL system based on the seastar platform.

Ahmet Gyger

Director Product Management @ Domino Data Lab

Director of Product Management for AI/ML at Domino Data Lab. Previous experience in product management at Microsoft Azure ML (leading the team making training more scalable), Salesforce Einstein (leading new product in Conversational AI space), and Apple Siri (Conversational AI).

Bernard Harguindeguy

Managing Partner @ Optus partners

Bernard became Ping CTO following the acquisition of Elastic Beam, where he was founder/CEO. Previously, he was CEO of Atlantis Computing, CEO of Green Border acquired by Google, Chairman of Booshaka acquired by Sprinkler, Chairman of Norskale acquired by Citrix, Chairman of BorderWare acquired by WatchGuard, and Board Member at Sygate Technologies acquired by Symantec. Bernard earned a MS in Engineering Management from Stanford University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from UC Irvine where he was inducted into the Engineering Hall of Fame.

Arthur Hicken

Evangelist @ Parasoft

Arthur Hicken is evangelist at Parasoft where he has been involved in automating various software development practices for over 25 years. His popular blog “The Code Curmudgeon” is known for his Hall-of-shame lists covering SQL Injection and IoT vulnerabilities and he has a YouTube channel with videos including "This Week in Cybersecurity". He has worked on projects including database development, the software development lifecycle, application security, functional safety, software safety in industries like automotive, aerospace, and medical. He speaks frequently at conferences on development strategies, compliance, and security best practices. Follow him @codecurmudgeon

Divya Jain

Director, ML Platform @ Adobe

Divya Jain is an industry-recognized leader in machine learning and AI, with 20+ years of experience at various startups and Fortune 500 companies. She is currently heading the AI platform engineering at Adobe. Previously, Divya was a research director at Tyco Innovation Garage where she led various deep learning initiatives. She also co-founded a startup, dLoop Inc., which was acquired by Box in 2013. Business Insider recognized her as one of the “22 Most Powerful Women Engineers In The World.” Divya is passionate about open-sharing of knowledge and information, and is always working towards bridging technology gaps to further innovation.

Vini Jaiswal

Data and AI Advisor and Advocate @ Stealth Mode, X-Databricks

Vini Jaiswal is a Data and AI leader and influencer who made an immense impact in her roles at Databricks, Citi and Southwest Airlines. She has over a decade of experience advancing the technology and companies globally including Unicorns, Digital Natives, Fortune50s and startups. She built technology communities and contributed to the most popular open source projects like Apache Spark, Delta Lake, MLflow, pytorch etc. She authored many technical publications featured on Databricks, Linkedin, LinuxFoundation, O’reilly etc. She has been honored with 30 Most Inspiring Women in AI 2022, Rivery’s Data Influencer 2021 & LinkedIn’s Creator Accelerator Program 2022.

Grishma Jena

Data Scientist @ IBM

Grishma is a Data Scientist with the UX Insights and Enablement team for IBM Software in San Francisco. As the only Data Scientist, she supports 80+ user researchers to understand user struggles and opportunities to enhance user experiences.

She earned her Masters in Computer Science at University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests are in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. She has delivered 45+ talks and workshops at 20+ conferences and universities globally.

She enjoys mentoring and teaching new concepts and help people use data and code to drive change. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and writing.

Shankar Kalyana

SVP & CTO @ Stantec

An outcomes-oriented, market-facing @scale Digital Transformation technology & thought leader, he leads the growth of the Digital products and offerings while infusing emerging technologies towards client and operational excellence. Previously, Shankar was an IBM Fellow & Vice President.

With his expertise in large scale digital transformations powered by cloud, data, AI, and automation, Shankar is working to catalyze the recent growth in Stantec's digital and technology teams. He oversees technology support for the ideation, incubation, and commercialization of digital products that will be brought to market, while also supporting the development of tools for internal use to drive efficiency in the delivery offerings.

Ari Kamlani

Senior AI Strategist and Technology Architect @ Beyond Limits

Ari Kamlani currently operates in the CTO Office at Beyond Limits as a Senior AI Strategist and Technology Architect. At Beyond Limits he operates across a broad set of dimensions, such as leading strategy, partnerships, clientele engagements, AI R&D modeling & infrastructure. Previously he worked with leading firms such as ThoughtWorks, JP Morgan Chase, Techstars Ventures, Kudelski Group, Qualcomm, Broadcom, and many others. He has a notable interest in working across early-stage incubating ini­tia­tives and working within Responsible AI, along the Trust and Safety dimension.

Sudheer Kandula

Senior Software Engineer @ NVIDIA

A Senior Software Engineer within NVIDIA's Compilers division. I hold a master's degree from San Jose State University and have accumulated over 12+ years of industry experience. My journey has taken me through esteemed companies such as VMware, Silver Peak (now part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise), and Ericsson. My passion for innovation and my extensive experience drive my commitment to shaping the future of software engineering. I am dedicated to advancing the tech community through my work and contributions.

Sugandha Kapoor

Co-founder, CEO @ Shaztra

Startup founder with customer-focused product management experience. I lead cross-functional teams from ideation to launch to deliver products that delight users and drive business results.

Vivek Kaushal

Senior Software Engineer @ Netflix

Vivek is a data enthusiast and has worked with managing and wrangling data for more than a decade. He is currently developing and managing several petabytes store on Netflix’s Machine Learning Platform. Before Netflix, he has worked at Apple, Sumologic, and Amazon in similar roles.

Ayse Kaya

VP, Strategic Insights & Analytics @ Slim.AI

Ayse Kaya is a business strategist and analytics expert, currently spearheading data science operations as the VP of Strategic Insights & Analytics at Slim.AI. Kaya serves as an AI Ethics Advisory Board member at the Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University.

A graduate of the MIT Engineering Systems Division, Kaya was previously a strategy/analytics lead at CloudLock and Cisco Systems. Kaya has a proven track record of translating complex data into actionable insights and leading cross-functional teams towards analytical excellence. In addition to her corporate roles, Kaya is a frequently sought-after keynote speaker and panelist at leading industry events.

Diana Kelley

CSO @ SecurityCurve

Diana Kelley is Co-Founder and CTO of SecurityCurve and Chief vCISO at SaltCybersecurity. She donates much of her time including serving on the ACM Ethics & Plagiarism Committee, the Executive Board at Cyber Future Foundation and WiCyS, Advisory Board member and Conference Chair - EWF, Cybersecurity Advisor - CompTIA, Advisory Board Chair - WOPLLI, Advisory Council member Bridgewater State University, and RSAC US Program Committee. She is a sought after keynote speaker, the co-author of Practical Cybersecurity Architecture and Cryptographic Libraries for Developers, EWF 2020 Executive of the Year, SCMedia Power Player, Cybersecurity Ventures 100 Fascinating Females Fighting Cybercrime.

Simba Khadder

Founder & CEO @ Featureform

Simba Khadder is the Founder & CEO of Featureform. After leaving Google, Simba founded his first company, Triton. There, him and his team built ML infrastructure that handled over 100M monthly active users.
He later open-sourced Featureform’s virtual feature store. Featureform's declarative python framework allow ML teams to define, manage, and serve their model features.
He’s also an avid surfer, a mixed martial artist, a published astrophysicist, and ran the SF marathon in basketball shoes.

Chandra Khatri

Cofounder, CTO @ Got It Ai

Chandra Khatri is a prominent figure in technology, best known for developing state-of-the-art AI products such as the world's first fully autonomous Conversational AI technology, the Alexa Prize (a ChatGPT-like voice experience for Alexa users 5 years before ChatGPT), ELMAR (the first Enterprise Language Model), and the first model to detect hallucinations.

He is the co-founder of Got It AI. In addition to developing products, he invests in and serves on the boards of cutting-edge technology companies.

Prior to Got-It, Chandra led a number of AI teams at Amazon (AI, Alexa Prize), Uber (Multimodal AI, Conversational AI), and eBay (Recommendation Systems).

Rajeev Koolath

CTO, Senior Partner @ DXC Technology

Rajeev is CTO, Chief Architect and IT Executive who has decades of experience forming and leading practices focusing on Digital Enterprise Architecture, AI/ML, Digital Products Delivery, key Transformation programs, Industry Partnerships, and high-value Advisory at global Fortune 100 enterprises.

He brings over 25 years of experience as Technology executive, Business visionary, and Servant leader - leading Enterprise Architecture, Transformational Change Management, and Delivery Practices with expertise in building world-class Technology and Consulting organizations, Lean business strategies, and digitizing multi-billion-dollar portfolios.

Chaitrali Kshirsagar

Machine Learning Engineer @ SYNTHETAIC INC.

Chaitrali is currently a Machine Learning at Synthetaic, a startup focused on building socially impactful AI solutions without the need of labelled data. Her work focuses on using Computer Vision techniques on satellite imagery to gain important insights ranging from natural disaster situations to conserving nature and animals. Her prior experiences include developing on-device ML solutions for sports telecasts and autonomous farm vehicles. Chaitrali is highly passionate about using AI for the betterment of the society and strives to make big impact through her work.

Deepak Kumar


Entrepreneur focusing on AI, DevRel, CyberSecurity & SaaS
Founder & CEO - Grow Developer Adoption by aligning Community Support, Advocacy, Content and Education.

CEO/CTO @Clearedin [acquired by Barracuda Networks]

Software Architect @BladeNetwork [acquired by IBM]

Sr. Software Engineer @AndiamoSystems [acquired by Cisco]
Software Engineer @SycamoreNetworks

B.Tech(H) IIT Kharagpur

Mark Lambert

VP of Strategic Initiatives @ Parasoft

Mark Lambert is VP of Strategic Initiatives at Parasoft where he has been focused on helping organizations accelerate the successful delivery of high quality, secure and compliance software since 2004. Mostly recently, he has been applying, and commercializing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) to improve software quality and address test automation challenges. Lambert has been a speaker at, and written numerous articles for, industry events and media such as SDTimes, DZone, QAFinancial, JavaOne, Software Test & Performance, Embedded World, AgileDevDays and StarEast/StarWest. Lambert earned both his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science at Manchester University UK.

Larry Lancaster

Founder and CTO @ Zebrium

AI/ML since before it was cool (but still after backprop - Neural Networks Leadership Award, ICNN ‘95). Nimble Storage Chief Data Scientist. Glassbeam founder. NetApp Senior Engineer. I love attacking new challenges, achieving 90/10, and laying the groundwork for team expansion and product refinement. Mentor, modeler, hacker. Devoted father. Occasional opossum rescuer.

Manav Leslie

CTO @ Adarga AI

With more than 20 years experience building enterprise software. Last few years, I have been leading the collaboration between traditional software engineering teams and AI/ML teams, where both teams learn new skills from each other.

Tal Lev-Ami

CTO @ Cloudinary Ltd.

Tal Lev-Ami is Cloudinary's CTO and one of its Co-founders. Tal has extensive professional and academic background in software engineering, software architecture, security and program analysis. Tal's professional background includes being Chief Architect in technology startups Trivnet and Blue Security and founding of Ndivi, a boutique software development company. Tal has a PhD in computer science from Tel-Aviv University. Tal has three children and lives in Modiin, Israel.

Nava Levy

Tech Evangelist @ AIML

Nava is a Technology Evangelist for Data Science and MLOps. She started her career in tech with an R&D Unit in the IDF and later had the good fortune to work with and champion Cloud, Big Data, and DL/ML/AI technologies just as the wave of each of these was starting. Nava is also a mentor and judge at the MassChallenge accelerator and the founder of LerGO—a community driven EdTech venture. In her free time she enjoys cycling, 4-ball juggling, and reading fantasy and sci-fi books.

Shannon Lietz

VP, Vulnerability Labs @ Adobe

Shannon Lietz is Vice President of Adobe Security. She is ultimately responsible for Adobe’s application security, proactive security strategy, penetration testing and vulnerability management. She is an award-winning innovator with decades of experience pursuing advanced security and next generation security solutions. Ms. Lietz has held numerous roles throughout her career with a focus on Offensive Security, Application Security, Cloud Security, DevSecOps, and Threat Intelligence. Previously, she has worked for and consulted with many of the Fortune 500. She holds 41 Cloud Security patents, Co-Chair of ONUG, Start-up Advisor, Community Whisperer, RSA Program Committee, and dedicates time to mentoring and coaching.

Iveta Lohovska

Principal Data Scientist @ HPE

Iveta is Principal Data Scientist and AI Ambassador at HPE, with a mission to democratize decision intelligence and safe, reliable AI. She brings a unique combination of deep technical expertise, world-class public-speaking skills, analytics management experience, and the ability to lead organizational change. Iveta has guided more than 50 AI projects and designed HPE’s analytics program. She is the HPE Women’s Excellence Award Winner and a UN Advisor for AI Ethics.

Mario Lopez

CIO @ Bravent

Mario López is a Computer Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in projects using Microsoft technologies. Mario works as Chief Innovation Officer in Bravent (VeryTI Group) where he leads projects using the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Mixed Reality, etc.

Mario’s work consists of the application of the most recent technologies to improve and solve the various problems that big companies face across a range of sectors, to ensure the success of their projects.

Ivo Lukas

CEO/Founder @ 24Notion

Ivo is an entrepreneur and angel investor who has a track record in building successful businesses. Currently, Ivo is the CEO/Founder of 24Notion. 24Notion is the first integrated marketing/digital PR & lifestyle agency with a special emphasis on giving back to the global communities. With a broad understanding of the art of non-traditional marketing, new media, communications, and social influence, 24Notion ranked No.14 in Corporate Philanthropy – CSR. As a leader in the entrepreneurship community, She is an advocate and sits on the board of many profit/non-profit organizations that encourage the empowerment of next-generation leaders plus, women in technology. Ivo is passionate about leading, nurturing, and mentoring the next generation, especially young girls, who are aspiring to be in technology. Follow her @MsSonicFlare. LinkedIn bio:

Ohad Manor

CTO @ 4Cast

During the last 20 years I have been developing and leading development teams in the AI / DI world based on mathematical models.

Maya Mikhailov


Maya Mikhailov is the CEO / Founder of SAVVI AI, a Decision automation tool powered by Machine Learning. Before SAVVI, Maya co-founded GPShopper, a mobile SaaS platform acquired by Synchrony (NYSE: SYF) in 2017. At Synchrony, Maya was SVP / GM, leading a new business unit building AI-powered FinTech products.
A featured speaker at CES, Money 2020,, CTIA, and other industry conferences, Maya has been highlighted in outlets such as Bloomberg, Forbes, CNBC, Business Insider, and others. She has authored articles for TechCrunch and Quartz. She has also been an Adjunct Professor at NYU, lecturing on mobile technology.

Simon Müller

CTO @ wattx

I’m a tech person with an entrepreneurial mindset and experience in leading engineering teams. I like operating at the interface between technical systems and business processes.

In the past years, I've founded and sold a startup, built the digital lab of a German Mittelstand company, and now combine both aspects as the CTO of the Venture Builder wattx. Since we're building digital solutions and ventures for other (traditional) companies, I've been part of a team that tackles challenges from building a healthy food store online to engineering an IoT solution that reduces scrap in wet-milling processes.

Manish Modh

Founder & CEO @ Andromeda 360, Inc.

Manish Modh is Founder & CEO, Andromeda 360, Inc. where he is taking to market the A360 AI Delivery Platform. Previously, he was an IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO for the Multicloud Management Platform for IBM Services. Prior to IBM, he was Founder/CTO of Gravitant, a cloud brokerage company that was acquired by IBM in 2015. He has 30+ software patents and software engineering degrees from Carnegie Mellon and the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Daniel Myers

Developer Relations @ Snowflake

Daniel leads Developer Relations at Snowflake. Previously, he held leadership roles at several companies, including Google and Cisco. In addition, he led and founded multiple startups. Daniel has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and an MBA, and he is an inventor of three patents.

Chinmay Abhay Nerurkar

Principal Engineer @ Microsoft Inc.

Chinmay Abhay Nerurkar is a Principal Engineer at Microsoft Ads, where he harnesses the power of AI/ML, Big Data, and Cloud-native technologies to deliver a premium, privacy-focused online advertising experience to internet users across mobile, digital, and connected TV platforms. He holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from New York University and brings over 14 years diverse experience in the AdTech, FinTech, Embedded Systems, and Video Processing industries. He is passionate about AI/ML assisted software solutions, low-latency distributed computing and takes a keen interest in Knowledge Graphs and Large Language Models.

Stephen Oladele

Machine Learning Developer Advocate @

Machine Learning Developer Advocate at, a community builder with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

He writes Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) technical articles for WhyLabs.

He is a technical reviewer for MLOps books at Packtpub.

Stephen is the lead volunteer and a founding member at AI School Africa.

Azmath Pasha

CDO @ Metawave Digital

Azmath is an Information Technology Executive with over 25 years of progressive experience across multiple industry sectors. Azmath is highly successful in establishing vision and strategic capability in the marketplace by effectively leveraging emergent technologies such as Cloud Data Modernization, Data Mesh, Data Fabric, Digital Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Data Sciences, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics.

Azmath with prior "BIG 4" high-performance technology consulting experience, had key responsibilities including help drive value/business initiatives for several large programs and projects across various industries.

Ashish Patel

CEO @ Blueshift Innovations

Kiran Peddireddy

Sr .System Engineer @ Cox Automotive

Kiran Peddireddy is an expert in data engineering and platform management at Cox Automotive, with a wealth of experience in solving tech problems. As a passionate technologist, he is currently leading the company's Digital Transformation initiative. Kiran earned a Master of Science degree from CCSU and has approximately 16 years of experience in the field, dedicated to assisting his customers in overcoming real-world challenges and achieving their maximum potential and success.

Roy Penn

CTO @ Tymely AI

Roy is the co-founder and CTO of Tymely AI, a startup aiming to end the ubiquitous frustration of interacting with customer service. Tymely does so by creating an AI-agent that is indistinguishable from the best human representative.
Prior to that he led the engineering and R&D groups at 3 start ups and was a captain in the Israeli military intelligence.
He is a father of 3, who likes to travel and read whether he has time for it or not.

Victor Pereboom

CTO/Founder @ UbiOps

Serial entrepreneur with a background in aerospace engineering and machine learning. Victor has professional experience in IoT, Predictive maintenance, Healthcare and e-commerce. Combining an engineering background with a business mindset, Victor enjoys working as CTO with the team at UbiOps to develop a state-of-the-art MLOps solution. Enabling data science teams everywhere to deploy and serve algorithms and build smart applications.

Natalie Pistunovich

Head of Developer Relations @ Entor

Natalie is an avid learner and question asker, an OpenAI ambassador, a Google Developer Expert for Go, a public speaker and a sailor.

Currently she is heading everything tech related at a Stealth Mode startup, organizing tech conferences (Security, SRE, AI and Go), and the Berlin chapters of the Go and Women Techmakers user groups.

She worked in 4 continents as a Lead Developer Advocate, Engineering Manager, Software and Hardware Engineer, and a Co-Founder of a mobile start-up. In her free time, she is wondering if there is life on Mars.

Raul Popa

CEO @ TypingDNA

Raul is the co-founder and CEO of TypingDNA, an AI startup that authenticates people by their typing patterns. The technology is used for security purposes like authentication and fraud detection. Raul's leadership has earned TypingDNA global recognition, including from Forbes, TechCrunch, ProductHunt, Gartner, and Frost&Sulllivan. Among others, the company received funding from Google's AI fund, Gradient Ventures, and TechStars Ventures. Raul was recognized as a top AI influencer and won a 2021 EY Emerging Entrepreneur award. With over 20 years of experience building software, UX-focused products and AI systems, he's a sought-after speaker at events worldwide.

Vaijanath Rao

Head of Data Science @ Quicken Inc

I am currently the Head of Data Science at, where I lead teams to deliver new sets of data-driven capabilities and automated insights to users. I am responsible for ML across all the teams, including Product, Marketing, and Finance.

I have an extensive knowledge in natural language processing, machine learning, information retrieval, web search engines, data mining, personalization, and distributed large-scale systems. Recently, I've been focusing on developing generative AI for financial transactions to explore its applications beyond text and images.

In my free time, I enjoy reviewing machine learning books, papers, and conferences for select publications and events.

Surbhi Rathore

CEO, Co-founder @

Surbhi is the CEO and Co-founder of, a machine learning platform that helps businesses amplify communication experiences in their products and solutions. Her goal is to empower builders to easily craft unique AI-powered real-time and post meeting/call experiences that enhance human intelligence. Starting her journey as a software developer in India, she's spent over a decade working on CX solutions for major telcos and enterprises worldwide, adapting to changing customer expectations. She's a vocal advocate for immigrant founders and firmly believes in creating value through collaboration without borders.

Deexith Reddy

Senior Data Engineer @ Fidelity Investments

Deexith is a thought leader in the Automation of Data Engineering space utilizing innovative technology tools, resulting in achieving saving in time and huge cost savings for the companies. Working as a Senior Data Engineer at Fidelity Investments. Have exposure to data analytics automation, how to leverage cloud services for data analytics and reducing error. Great proponent for democratizing data in the organization and pushing forward the agenda of enterprise analytics.

Harpreet Sahota

DevRel Manager @ Deci AI

Originally from Sacramento, California and currently based in Winnipeg.

Mohamed Sayed

CEO @ Heuro Labs GmbH

Mohamed Sayed is the founder & CEO of Heuro Labs. Heuro Labs mission is to help you and your organization tackle complex, data heavy, knowledge rich processes to make sense of your data and unearth the hidden value within it.

Prior to founding Heuro Labs, Mohamed contributed to designing and implementing large scale distributed multi-billion users systems as well as constrained embedded security systems.
Mohamed co-authored the policy brief to the G20 on labor market transformation focusing on AI and its socioeconomic impact.
He enjoys learning and discovering new things, literature, writing, chess, Go.He recently started learning to compose music.

Joshua Scotton

CTO @ Personify XP

Joshua Scotton co-founded Personify XP, a pioneering AI firm delivering real-time behavioural analytics and anonymous personalisation for various sectors including e-commerce, automotive, finance, and healthcare. Joshua holds a PhD from the University of Warwick's Intelligent and Adaptive Systems Group and has a rich background in software development and product management, infusing AI innovation to drive results.

Zafar Shahid

Technical Lead @ Meta

Dr. Zafar Shahid received his Ph.D. from the University of Montpellier, France in 2010. From 2001-2006, he was a Sr. Software Engineer at Streaming Networks, working on Real-time multimedia products. During 2011-2015, he worked as a Media Encoding Architect for multiple start-ups designing both IPTV and low latency video pipelines. During 2016-2019, he worked on GeForce Now cloud gaming platform at Nvidia. Since 2019, He is technical lead at Meta Platforms, where he is working both with Academia and Industry to solve the hardest problem in Multimedia Processing. Dr. Shahid has more than 40 publications and three patents.

Akshay Sharma

Partner @ Multiversal Ventures

Akshay has worked in solving zero-to-one problems in healthcare using data and ML. Most recently as the CTO of, Akshay and his team were the first in the world to crack federated learning on health data both on server and phones, bringing privacy to remote clinical trials. Akshay is also the vice chairman of the IEEE group running decentralized clinical trials where he leads the novel biomarkers workgroup, building new standards for DCTs. Previously, he built the world's first consumer-controlled API for health data exchange at Human API. Currently he runs as the CEO and co-founder.

Akram Sheriff

IOT Software Architect @ Cisco Systems

Akram Sheriff is an IoT Software Engineer/Technologist with the Cisco IoT Engineering team. Akram holds 30+ software patents, both granted / under review by (USPTO), Germany/EU region.

Akram has done cutting edge AI/ML early stage startup work with DL, tinyML along with EDA, fabless semiconductor companies globally.

He specializes on different wireless protocols, IoT software stacks, AI/Machine learning, Enterprise WiFi, IoT architectures, and the Cloud networking domain.

Akram is also a frequent presenter in many Internal Cisco Live, Devnet , APJC SecCon -2020 and external conferences in topics related to AI/ML, Wireless Networking , IOT and Cloud technologies.

Suhas Shetty

Senior Engineering Manager @ SoFi

Engineering leader with over 13 years of experience building products across big data, conversational AI and financial recommendations. I am currently heading engineering for SoFi Insights, managing teams responsible for Financial insights, Credit score monitoring and ML based user feeds. Led SoFi Insights through a period of substantial growth, exceeding a million users and driving tens of millions of revenue. Skilled at delivering complex technical projects while managing timelines and cross functional expectations. Practice inclusive leadership & intentional talent development while managing high performance teams.

Bhawna Singh

SVP of Engineering @ Auth0

Bhawna Singh is a senior technology executive with 20 years of experience in successfully building and leading talented teams of engineers to transform and scale technology for a global user base. Bhawna has led multiple tech transformations, scaled systems from 0 to 100 million monthly users, led global expansion of products, participated in multiple acquisitions and spearheaded innovation to drive user growth and engagement, delivering multi million dollar revenue growth.

Harish Kumar Singh

Director @ Lacework

Been in enterprise security/analytics for over 10 years. 2 startups as founding engineer (joined < 5 employees) and started 1 as a cofounder.
Have always been working on data-problems from an ML/AI and analytics point of view. Extracting insights from the data and enabling users to get answers for various questions on the data is my expertise.

Vivek Singhal

CEO & Chief Data Scientist @ Cellstrat Inc.

Vivek is an Entrepreneur and Thought Leader in Artificial Intelligence and deep-tech industries. He is an eminent data scientist with expertise in AI, ML and Data Science.

Vivek has worked in the tech industry for top global companies, such as IBM, AT&T and Schlumberger. He is currently a Co-Founder at CellStrat ( – a leading AI firm that is developing cutting-edge Generative AI products for global enterprises.

Vivek runs one of the largest AI research communities via CellStrat, focussed on GenAI, NLP and Computer Vision.

Vivek holds a B.E. from IIT Roorkee and an MBA from Georgia State University, Atlanta.

Marisa Smith

Developer Advocate @ Shipyard

Marisa has a background in theoretical and computational physical chemistry, and she's run experiments at particle accelerators worldwide. After finishing her Ph.D., she moved into industry. First was the prestigious Insight Data Science boot camp, where she retrained as a Data Scientist. Then she became Streamlit's first developer advocate, working on initiatives throughout the company. After Streamlit's acquisition by Snowflake, she moved on to other opportunities and found Shipyard. She has a passion for learning and teaching others. She has been lucky enough to present at several webinars and conferences, ranging in topics from python, deployment, physics and chemistry.

Gihad Sohsah

CTO @ Capoom

Applied machine learning and deep learning specialist
• 10+ years of experience as a Lead Data Scientist
• Expertise in Forecasting, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Fraud Detection and Prevention, and Risk Assessment
• MSc. Computer Science

Ben Sprott

Founder CEO and Architect @ Cavenwell Industrial AI

Ben Sprott has an extensive background in Engineering, Software Development and Industrial Research. Before starting Cavenwell AI, he worked in the Telecommunications Industry for 9 years. Ben holds MSc degrees in Physics and Computer Science from Waterloo and McGill and was once a member of the world's most advanced Physics research institutes, The Perimeter Institute.

John Stafford

COO @ Parallel Communications

John has accumulated extensive expertise in the fields of telecommunications, IoT, AI and ML applications, holography, radiometric sensing, mobility, and payments technology. He has over 35 years of experience in engineering, product development, marketing, business development and public relations in technology fields. Before joining Parallel, John was responsible for marketing and business development for a semiconductor start-up; and was a divisional manager at NEC America where he successfully launched multiple product lines and managed new technology introductions. John holds a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting from the University of Wisconsin–Platteville.

Robert Statsinger


Robert Statsinger has worked in Application Security and Observability for the past several years. His additional experience includes Application Performance Management and its impact on DevOps, Intelligent Device Management, Enterprise Applications Integration, and developer tools and middleware. Robert holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

Andrei Tara

CEO @ Openfabric

Founder & CEO @openfabricai - the world's first platform that provides straightforward access to AI solutions through the elimination of technical hurdles

Rob Teel

CTO @ State of Oklahoma

Rob began his career in Cyber Systems Operations while serving on active-duty U.S. Air Force with an elite combat communications unit. After active duty, Rob also served as Vice President for an Oklahoma City-based IT consulting company, the Director of IT for a local municipality and as Americas Leader for the Center of Excellence for Hitachi Vantara. Rob serves on Advisory Boards for non-profits, the Government IT Congress, and global start-ups He’s just published a book on leadership and is working to complete some graduate studies in Business Communications and Organizational Behavior at Harvard University.

Kerem Tomak

CEO @ MindspaceAI B.V.

I have over 25 years of experience in AI, analytics, and digital marketing, and I am the founder and CEO of mindspaceAI, a startup that develops generative AI solutions for various domains and industries. I am also an MIT certified professional in machine learning and AI, and a board member and advisor for several organizations in the fields of finance, technology, and innovation.

My mission is to bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds, and to understand how people make decisions in different environments, such as online, offline, and AR/VR.

Mike Tung

CEO @ Diffbot

Mike Tung is the CEO and Founder of Diffbot, an adviser at the Stanford StartX accelerator, and the leader of Stanford's entry in the DARPA Robotics Challenge. In a previous life, he was a patent lawyer, a grad student in the Stanford AI lab, and a software engineer at eBay, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Mike studied electrical engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley and computer science at Stanford.

Ketaki Vaidya

AI Product Manager @ Oracle

Ketaki Vaidya is an AI Product Manager at Oracle. She hosts a podcast, "Personal Branding for Professionals" which shares career development strategies to help professionals build a successful career in tech. The podcast serves as a career development resource for over 7000 professionals. As a woman in tech, she is involved with various initiatives like the 1 Million Women in STEM and Women in Data Science that are addressing the gender gap in the industry. She has been featured in the Entrepreneur Magazine, Mind the Product blog, and the 1 Million Women in STEM campaign for her work.

Bob van Luijt

CEO & co-founder @ SeMI Technologies

Bob is CEO and co-founder of SeMI Technologies, the business created around the open-source vector search engine Weaviate. Besides SeMI and Weaviate. Bob is a frequent speaker on the topics of open source, digital technology, software business, and creativity. He has spoken at around 100 events (including TEDx) on the aforementioned topics in Europe and the US.

Jagadish Venkatraman

Senior Engineering Manager @ LinkedIn

Jagadish Venkatraman is a Senior Engineering Manager at LinkedIn. He leads the company's "Core Infra Primitives" organization. He is responsible for building the critical infrastructure that powers LinkedIn's databases, big data analytics platforms, search, social graph, feed, messaging and more.

He serves as the PMC Member on Apache Samza, an open-source project. His work on Samza has been widely adopted at LinkedIn, Uber, TripAdvisor, Slack, Intuit, Netflix, Ebay, Optimizely and other companies.

Vaclav Vincalek

CTO @ 555vCTO

Over the past 25+ years Vaclav has developed his talents from a foundation in information technology and web security to the connected worlds of crowd-sourced knowledge and social media. He is an award-winning technologist specializing in founding and growing service and software organizations with a strong emphasis on emerging markets. He presents an unusual combination of both deep technical expertise and broad business knowledge with a global perspective.

Jim Walker

Evangelist and Public Sector CTO, AMER @ UiPath

Jim, a former Army Artillery Officer, and federal employee is currently UiPath’s Evangelist and Public Sector CTO. He served as the Deputy CIO and Services Portfolio Manager at NASA’s Shared Services Center (NSSC) and had key IT positions at DISA, the US Missile Defense Agency, and counter-drug task force in Key West. Jim is a Federal Computer Weekly “Federal 100” alumni and runner-up in Government Computer News “DigIT 2017” award for Robotics, Automation, and Unmanned Systems. He holds a Chief Information Officer certification from the National Defense University and a Graduate degree in Telecommunications.

Jurgen Weichenberger

Head of AI - New Value Streams @ Schneider Electric

Industrial Analytics is the fusion of manufacturing, production, reliability, integrity, quality, sales and after-market analytics. By combining the skills and experience, we are creating the next level of AI & ML Solutions for our clients at the Schneider Electric AI Hub. My team is responsible for developing the next generation value streams where we are looking at the challenges of the future of our clients and solving it with our Industry Domain Knowledge and Products which form the Schneider DNA.

Richard Whitehead

Chief Evangelist @ Moogsoft Inc.

As Chief Evangelist, Richard brings a keen sense of what is required to build transformational solutions

A former CTO, and Technology VP, Richard brought new technologies to market, and was responsible for strategy, partnerships and product research.

Richard served on Splunk’s Technology Advisory Board through their Series A, and more recently co-chaired the ONUG Monitoring & Observability Working Group.

Richard holds three patents, and is considered dangerous with JavaScript.

Tobias Zwingmann

Managing Director / Co-Founder @ RAPYD.AI

Tobias Zwingmann is an experienced Data Scientist with a strong business background. He is Co-Founder of the German AI startup RAPYD.AI and helps companies to implement machine learning and AI faster while achieving meaningful value. With over 15 years of professional experience in a corporate setting, he has additionally gained extensive experience in building data science use cases and developing an enterprise-wide data strategy.