On-demand Courses

Delivering Cloud Financial Management at Scale

Cloud is leveraged by every industry or no matter where they are located, from transport to financial services – cloud is an important and growing part of their technology landscape.

Ship Apps Faster on AWS with Unified Visibility and Security

Top performing DevOps teams automate more functions as part of their tool chain, including monitoring and security.

Seeing RED: A Monitoring Pattern for Microservices

RED (Rates, Errors, Duration) is a spinoff from Google’s Golden Signals designed for monitoring microservices.

DevOps Security, Monitoring and Compliance with OpenShift and Sysdig

Ensuring application security and compliance is one of the biggest challenges for any organization deploying applications in production.

Cloud Stack: How Humana Conquered Cloud Costs with FinOps

Humana began implementing a FinOps strategy with a team of three with the initial goal of automating and optimizing the organization’s cloud spend.

Continuous Software Delivery: CI/CD Patterns and Practices

Software delivery is a top priority for organizations that own software, yet it remains one of the most challenging problems enterprises face today.

Shifting Left: Bringing AppSec to the Developer Desktop

Ensuring software applications are secure before delivery is critical to any organization’s success. But so is maintaining the productivity of their software development team.

What’s the Cost of the Cloud? IaaS, FinOps & Cloud Cost Management

Through 2020, 80% of organizations will initially overshoot their IaaS budget, due to a lack of cloud cost optimization, governance and misguided upfront cloud spend commitments.

Whose Fault Is It When Kubernetes Breaks?

So, you’ve gone “cloud native”. You’re running apps in containers, you’re scheduling them with Kubernetes, and now you’re trying to create a better experience for your team and for your customers.

Advanced Kubernetes Deployments with NGINX Ingress Controller

With more organizations expanding their usage in containerized software, Kubernetes will increasingly become the de facto standard for managing containerized workloads.

DevOps Tech: Shifting Left on Security

Security is everyone’s responsibility. By better integrating information security (InfoSec) objectives into daily work, teams can achieve higher levels of software delivery performance and build more secure systems.

Who Needs the Office? Accelerating Productivity with Remote Onboarding

Engineering leaders that abruptly pivoted to an all-remote mode now face a new challenge–onboarding new engineers without an office. Even if you’re not hiring right now, learning how to smoothly integrate new team members will prepare you for future growth in the new normal.

Solving the Hidden Costs of Kubernetes With Observability

Kubernetes has enabled software organizations to realize the benefits of microservices through its convenient and powerful abstractions. Deploying, scaling, and running distributed software at scale is much easier through the use of Kubernetes.

CI/CD for Microservices: Best Practices and Lessons From the Trenches

You have finally split your big monolith into microservices built on top of Kubernetes!

Cookies: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Thanks to new global privacy laws, cookie banners are everywhere. While complying with cookie laws is important to overall compliance, the actual implementation of a cookie banner can lead to user experience nightmares (and can be downright annoying).

Get the Most from Your APIs with Microservices-Friendly API Management

APIs are at the core of modern applications. The pressure to remain competitive often requires real-time API connectivity for your customers, as well as among all your apps.

Fix Bugs or Build New Features? An Intro to Technical Debt & Error Monitoring

Errors are inevitable. How do you manage your technical debt, protect valuable time at work, and help reduce costs?

Beyond Tips and Tricks: Building and Managing High-Performing Remote Teams

Businesses have been scrambling to respond to a new normal of all remote work, with many operating in a distributed environment for the first time.