Presented by: Splunk

Seeing RED: A Monitoring Pattern for Microservices


Presented by: Splunk

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Episode #16: Seeing RED: A Monitoring Pattern for Microservices

Featuring: Dave McAllister — Sr. Technical Evangelist, Splunk

RED (Rates, Errors, Duration) is a spinoff from Google’s Golden Signals designed for monitoring microservices. With RED, your architecture is watched from aspects of multiple dimensions. It gives you the framework to build alerting, monitoring and analysis into a flexible structure to meet the emerging needs of services-based architectures as well as give you the capability to grow as your environment scales.

Join this wecastr to learn more about:

  • RED pattern (Rate-Errors-Duration) monitoring.
  • Each component as trouble indicators.
  • why RED is necessary in today’s apps.


Dave McAllister

Sr. Technical Evangelist – Splunk
Providing technical evangelism for Splunk, Dave works with DevOps, developers and architects to realize the advantages of modern microservice architectures and orchestration in distributed systems, especially for today’s fast-moving cycles.. He covers topics such as observability, concepts associated with software architectures and practices, open source software and on creating new technology. A self-described open source geek and standards wonk, you can find his opinions on twitter @dwmcallister and