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DevNetwork produces definitive industry conferences for Mobile Tech, Developer Tech, and Integration Tech. DevNetwork produces many of the Bay area’s largest tech-focused conferences and hackathons including DeveloperWeek, API World, Integrate, and DataWeek. DevNetwork events aim to expose all technology professionals to the future of web and mobile development.

Business is Development.

Our philosophy at DevNetwork is that new developer technologies are not just shaping the art of coding – they are shaping what your business does – and how society solves problems. Integrating open data or social data API’s, building an innovation ecosystem of app developers on your API, accelerating the web or mobile app iteration and launch process, discovering hyper-local news or alerts is not just how you code – its what your organization can do. Developers don’t just support a business. Business is development.

Making Development Not Scary.

DevNetwork was founded by developers and engineers who wanted to make innovations in web, mobile, and data development less scary to investors, media, and business executives. We will admit that many developer conferences purposefully make programming seem inaccessible in order to build an insular culture around their rarified skills. The truth is that EVERYONE should acquire some development skills: whether that’s the ability to single-handedly build a social application in Python or just edit the design of their WordPress blog. Programming is the new literacy, so lets make programming less scary.