Presented by: Harness

Continuous Software Delivery: CI/CD Patterns and Practices

TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 2020, 2:00 PM EDT

Presented by: Harness

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Episode #13: Continuous Software Delivery: CI/CD Patterns and Practices

Tiffany Jachja — Evangelist, Harness

Software delivery is a top priority for organizations that own software, yet it remains one of the most challenging problems enterprises face today. Continuous Integration(CI) and Continuous Delivery(CD) enables software changes of all types to reach production environments in a safe, quick, and sustainable way. Join this webcast to learn the fundamentals of successful CI/CD pipelines including practices around building, provisioning, releasing, and verifying deployments.


Tiffany Jachja

Evangelist, Harness

Tiffany Jachja is a technical evangelist at Harness. She is an advocate for better software delivery, sharing applicable practices, stories, and content around modern technologies. Before joining Harness, Tiffany was a consultant with Red Hat’s Consulting practice. There she used her experience to help customers build their software applications living in the cloud.