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Archived Presentations

Supercharge your Developer Experience

Presented by Aditi Garg
@ DeveloperWeek 2020

Progressive Web Apps are the future

Presented by Alain Chautard
@ DeveloperWeek 2020

Using StackPath’s open-sourced Scouter Project to monitor StackPath’s edge compute

Presented by Aaron Couch
@ DeveloperWeek 2020

Decentralized Contextual Tamper Proof Logging

Presented by Anand Ozarkar & Ankur Sharma
@ DeveloperWeek 2020

The Code That Dreams Are Made Of

Presented by Alex Balazs
@ DeveloperWeek 2020

Quality Engineers: Why should they be part of the team?

Presented by Ana Sanchotene & Clarissa Rodrigues
@ DeveloperWeek 2020