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Building at Scale | Slack Keynote

Decrypting Tech Hype for the Busy Coder | Stephen Chin

AI & Deep Learning | Grant Ingersoll

Next Generation of AI Robots | NVIDIA Keynote

Building a Place for Coders | Stack Overflow Keynote

How to Step Up and Lead? Nick Caldwell

How to Build Evolvable Systems | ThoughtWorks Keynote

Are You Scaling? Publicis Sapient Keynote

Microservices Model | Atlassian Keynote

Centralized Data Management for Distributed Microservices

In The Quest For Agility, Where Does Agile Go Wrong?

The Future of Software Development

Running Stateful Services on Kubernetes

Building Enterprise Grade, High Transaction Rate, Resilient APIs

Centralized Data Management for Distributed Microservices

What Exactly Is the AR Cloud and Why Should You Care?

How APIs Transform the Consumer

The API Economy and the Need for an API Management Hub

Building the Nervous System of the Enterprise

The Key to Elevating Mobile App Automation

Making Your System Observable from the Outside-In

KEYNOTE: StubHub – Can the CPO and CTO Exist as One? He Does at Stubhub

KEYNOTE: Scoop – Simple Over Sexy: Why Complex Challenges Require Simple Solutions

KEYNOTE: LiveRamp – The Secret to Scaling a Team? Strategic Architecture

PRO Session: Monitoring in a Kubernetes World

KEYNOTE: The Code Dreams are Made of: Ideals, Innovation, Inclusion – Intuit

Working in Harmony: What Development Teams Can Learn from Musical Groups

PRO Session: Crossing the Chasm

Solving the Drag of Technical Debt with Error Monitoring – Bugsnag Unlisted

OPEN TALK: Advanced Ingress for Your Kubernetes Apps With NGINX

OPEN TALK: Why Designers & Developers Need a Common Language

PRO WORKSHOP: Engineering the Technical Interview

PRO SESSION: Lessons from Building an API Management Platform

PRO SESSION: Efficient and Performant GraphQL Serverless APIs

KEYNOTE: Developer Trends in 2020 and Beyond

PRO SESSION: The Open Source Journey of the Most Unlikely Participant

KEYNOTE: Lessons in Building a Platform: How to Grow & Scale a Commerce Platform

A Dream Duo: How to Use Storybook & Open Source Project “Auto” to Ship Design Systems

OPEN Talk: How Deep Systems Broke Observability

PRO Session: One Team, One Dream? Gaining Cross-Functional Buy-in

PRO Session: Open-Core vs. Closed-Core Business Strategies