You could speak at our next conference!

You could speak at our next conference!

DeveloperWeek 2021

February 17–21, 2021

DeveloperWeek 2021 (February 17–21, 2021 | Virtual Conference) is the world’s largest developer expo & conference series with 10,000+ attendees from 70+ countries, 100+ exhibitors, 10+ independent conferences & workshop tracks with 200+ conference talks, DevExec World, the DEVIES Awards, 1,000-attendee hiring mixer, 900+ attendee hackathon, and dozens of partner events.

ProductWorld 2021

February 17–21, 2021

ProductWorld 2021 (February 17–21, 2021 | Virtual Conference) is the world’s largest product management, development, and design conference. ProductWorld 2020 is co-located with DeveloperWeek 2020, where 8,000+ software engineers, developers, team leads, managers, and technical professionals converge each year.


February 17–21, 2021

Join 10,000 virtual attendees for the world’s largest vendor-neutral cloud innovation conference covering the entire cloud technology landscape! Engage with talks, demos, and exhibitors covering digital transformation, containers, kubernetes, microservices, security, big data, and more.

DeveloperWeek Global: Cloud

September 2021

DeveloperWeek Global: Cloud (September 2021) is the largest digital convergence for international cloud computing and development.

2,000+ cloud engineers & developers, IT managers, and tech professionals will converge to discover this year’s newest cloud computing innovations. Browse the DeveloperWeek Global: Cloud 2020 tracks.

API World

October 2021

API World (Oct 27-29) is the world’s largest API and microservices conference.

4,500+ executives, engineers, and integration partners will come together to learn, network, and help build the API economy. Topics include: Microservices, API Design/Architecture, API Strategy/Enterprise Modernization, IoT & APIs, Service Mesh, Containers, Kubernetes, Emerging APIs, AI APIs, API Security, and more. Browse the API World 2020 tracks.

AI Dev World

October 2021

AI DevWorld (Oct 27-29) is the world’s largest artificial intelligence engineering conference.

2,000+ executives, engineers, and AI entrepreneurs disrupting multiple industries will converge to discuss topics including: Machine Learning, Bots & Language Processing, Deep AI & Neural Networks, TensorFlow, AI & ML-as-a-Service, AI for the Enterprise, Training Data, Models & Feasibility, AI Open Source, Emerging AI, and more. Browse the AI DevWorld 2020 tracks.

Microservices World

October 2021

Join 3,500+ software architects, DevOps engineers, and IT professionals at Microservices World, the world’s largest microservices conference. Learn the technologies and best practices in microservices architecture and DevOps engineering Microservices World is co-located with API World.

DeveloperWeek Global: Enterprise

November 2021

DeveloperWeek Global: Enterprise (November 2021) is the largest virtual conference covering the newest trends & tools for enterprise & IT development & engineering.

3,000+ enterprise software & development professionals will converge online, featuring tracks on emerging technologies that corporations need to understand. Browse the DeveloperWeek Global: Enterprise 2020 tracks.

DeveloperWeek Austin

November 2021

DeveloperWeek Austin (November 16–18, 2020 | Virtual Conference) returns to one of the fastest growing developer markets in the United States. DeveloperWeek | Austin brings 2,000+ developers, engineers and dev execs to Austin for 2 days of a hackathon, conferences and workshops focusing on JavaScript, VR Dev, AI Dev, 3D and Interactive Dev, and Media & Entertainment Dev.

DeveloperWeek New York

December 2021

DeveloperWeek New York is the East Coast’s largest developer event with 3,000+ developers, dev managers and tech execs coming together to discover the latest in developer technologies. DeveloperWeek New York focuses on Fintech, Enterprise Development, and Artificial Intelligence.