You could speak at our next conference!

You could speak at our next conference!

DeveloperWeek Global

June 16–17, 2020

DeveloperWeek Global 2020 is the world’s largest virtual developer & engineering conference, where thousands of participants from across the globe converge online for 100+ keynote & technical talks, developer technology virtual pitch contest, developer awards, virtual hackathon, virtual expo, and prizes for supporting the developer community.

DeveloperWeek Seattle: Cloud Edition

September 28–29, 2020

DeveloperWeek Seattle: Cloud Edition (September 28–29, 2020 | Grant Hyatt Seattle) is Seattle’s premiere cloud computing festival, where 800+ cloud engineers, IT managers, entrepreneurs, and innovators will converge to discover this year’s newest cloud computing innovations! Seattle is already seen by the world as the cloud computing capital, hosting many of the world’s largest cloud providers.

API World

October 27–29, 2020

API World (October 27–29, 2020 | San Jose Convention Center) is the world’s largest API conference with 4,000+ attendees from 30+ countries and 50+ exhibitors exploring the new API economy. API World covers API Design & Strategy, Microservices, IoT & APIs, Machine Learning APIs, API Middleware, Monetizing APIs, DevOps and dozens more topics across 5 days of workshops, conference sessions, a 300+ attendee hackathon, the API Awards, and partner events.

AI Dev World

October 27–29, 2020

AI Dev World (October 27–29, 2020 | San Jose Convention Center) will be the world’s largest artificial intelligence dev event with tracks covering chatbots, machine learning, open source AI libraries, AI for the enterprise, and deep AI / neural networks. This conference targets software engineers and data scientists who are looking for an introduction to AI as well as AI dev professionals looking for a landscape view on the newest AI technologies.

DeveloperWeek Austin

November 16–18, 2020

DeveloperWeek Austin (November 16–18, 2020 | Austin Convention Center) returns to one of the fastest growing developer markets in the United States. DeveloperWeek | Austin brings 2,000+ developers, engineers and dev execs to Austin for 2 days of a hackathon, conferences and workshops focusing on JavaScript, VR Dev, AI Dev, 3D and Interactive Dev, and Media & Entertainment Dev.

DeveloperWeek New York

December 8–10, 2020

DeveloperWeek New York (December 8–10, 2020 | Brooklyn Expo Center) is the East Coast’s largest developer event with 3,000+ developers, dev managers and tech execs coming together to discover the latest in developer technologies. DeveloperWeek New York focuses on Fintech, Enterprise Development, and Artificial Intelligence.

DeveloperWeek 2021

February 17–21, 2021

DeveloperWeek 2021 (Feb 17–21, 2021, SF Bay Area | Oakland Convention Center) is the world’s largest developer expo & conference series with 10,000+ attendees from 70+ countries, 100+ exhibitors, 10+ independent conferences & workshop tracks with 200+ conference talks, DevExec World, the DEVIES Awards, 1,000-attendee hiring mixer, 900+ attendee hackathon, and dozens of partner events.

ProductWorld 2021

February 17–21, 2021

ProductWorld 2021 (Feb 17–21, 2021, SF Bay Area | Oakland Convention Center) is the world’s largest product management, development, and design conference. ProductWorld 2020 is co-located with DeveloperWeek 2020, where 8,000+ software engineers, developers, team leads, managers, and technical professionals converge each year.