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DevNetwork Advisory Boards are composed of industry leaders, visionaries, and technical executives in the software engineering industry. As the destination for the global developer, engineering & IT community, DevNetwork has both the goal and obligation to present the most cutting-edge, innovative, and relevant content at our industry conferences and events. Our Advisory Board members help make that possible.

The Product Advisory Board is a group of experts and industry executives who specialize in topics including: Product management practices, Agile methodologies, product / project management tools and technologies, product manager professional training, product development, launch, and marketing.The Product Advisory Board is a group of experts and industry executives who specialize in topics including: Product management practices, Agile methodologies, product / project management tools and technologies, product manager professional training, product development, launch, and marketing.

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Ori Bendet

VP of Product Management @ Checkmarx

Ori brings more than 16 years of senior-level experience to his role as VP of Product Management at Checkmarx where he oversees the entire AST portfolio, serving thousands of customers worldwide. He is an experienced product leader combining his strong technical and go-to-marketing skills. Ori also managed Checkmarx SAST which is a Gartner and Forrester market-leading solution used by thousands of customers worldwide and has been instrumental in spearheading the flagship Checkmarx One AST Platform
Prior to Checkmarx, he held leadership and engineering positions at Time To Know, HPE, PicApp, and Bezeq.

Filip Chereches-Tosa

CTO @ Troy.AI

Filip started programming at age 9 and has built stuff for ~30 years, working at the intersection of product, technology, people and operations, comfortably jumping between the strategic 10,000-foot view and day-to-day activities.
Filip loves building products, but even more teams and systems that build great products.
Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids, mountain-biking, skiing and traveling.

Unnati Chhabra

SDE-1 @ Zomato

I am Unnati, a final year student at IGDTUW, a past MLH Fellow who is currently living in Delhi, India. I am serving as Software Engineer at Zomato. I am an open-source contributor and past LFX Mentee. I have contributed to almost forty-five repositories, such as Layer5, open-horizon, and Public Lab.
I am the founder of CodXCrypt, which is an open-source community guiding people regarding open-source and project ideas.

Anthony Dombrowski

Product Manager @ Ping Identity

I started my career off as a developer at Ping Identity, but I love to learn! And, my never-ending curiosity brought me to Marketing where I led the Developer Advocacy program. I loved interacting with devs in the community! Now, I'm a part of the Product Management organization with a focus on experiences which has allowed me to learn more broadly about technical users. Along the way, I've continued to learn by coding in my spare time in a variety of areas. I love meeting new people, sharing knowledge, philosophizing, and discovering new technologies!

Soodeh Farokhi

VP of Product @ Nakisa Inc.

Dr. Soodeh Farokhi is a tech entrepreneur, a customer-centric product leader, and strategic executive with exponential experience in building product startups, defining a visionary but yet practical business model, adopting technologies that accelerate the growth, building a software product from the ground up, defining and executing the steps to pass the product-market-fit stage, building and managing strategic product and marketing roadmaps, building a winning team, building tier-1 strategic partnerships that accelerate the growth, and bringing the revenue to the company with a scalable pricing model. She is a working mom, startups advisor, mentor, board member, and D&I advocate.

Nic Galluzzo

Senior Product Manager - Platform/DevOps/Infrastructure

Nic entered the tech industry unexpectedly by joining a two-person startup in 2014. Despite not having a formal degree, he used his empathy, agility, and intense curiosity to grow and make a positive impact. Now, nine years and two acquisitions later, Nic excels at the intersection of Product, Growth, and Engineering, creating products that truly benefit humanity. In his free time, Nic enjoys reading random articles about obscure subjects to fill his repository of random facts and raising his three-year-old mini-me.

Surbhi Gupta

Product Lead @ Zoox

Surbhi Gupta has 18 YOE in building products for meta, Tesla, and Amazon, as well as early & mid-stage startups. Her vast career has includes serving as a radio host, instructing at Product School and NYU Stern for their Tech MBA program. Surbhi also dedicated her time to mentoring startups at Plug & Play Accelerators providing insights & guidance to new companies.
As a Product Management Coach in Silicon Valley, she has helped 300+ individuals achieve their goals.

Beth Harwood

VP Marketing & Developer Relations, Cofounder @ Prismatic

Beth Harwood is Cofounder and VP of Marketing & Developer Relations at Prismatic, a leader in embedded iPaaS. There, she helps SaaS product and dev teams launch native integrations faster and create better integration experiences for their customers. The backstory? Beth and her cofounders previously spent fifteen years building a B2B software company whose product had hundreds of integrations. They learned how important integrations are, but how painful they are to build and maintain. They started Prismatic to give SaaS teams a better way to deliver integrations - and a key part of that is creating a great developer experience.

David Jones-Gilardi

Developer Experience Product Manager @ DataStax

David Gilardi is a Developer Experience Product Manager at DataStax who advocates for the development community and works to remove pain and bring delight to users of DataStax products. He is a total nerd for distributed databases and has over 25 years of relevant experience in programming, database administration, cloud, server/network monitoring, and analytics.

Judith Ifeoma Nwokike

Developer Experience Engineer @ Flutterwave

I am a Front-end Developer with over 3 years of experience and I'm skilled in HTML, CSS and JavaScript (React.js, Vue.js, TypeScript) and other Front-end technologies. I love learning, teaching and building interactive user friendly web applications.

Vishal Kapoor

Director of Product @ Shipt

I am a Product Leader, Industry Speaker, and Company Advisor with a passion for building, launching and scaling next-generation consumer products impacting $Billions in revenue, opex, and P&L. My products have spanned marketplaces, transportation, advertising, search, messaging, gaming, and retail industries, at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Zynga, Lyft, and Shipt. I am passionate about solving audacious problems through a principled, outcome-oriented, and collaborative approach.

I am skilled at product leadership, building and leading orgs, public speaking, mentorship and coaching, setting vision and strategy, engineering, entrepreneurship, working with qualitative and quantitative data, and business operations.

Eran Kinsbruner

Global Head of Product Marketing and Brand Strategy @ LightRun

Eran Kinsbruner is a bestselling author of 3 software testing books, with over 21 years of experience in software development and testing, patent inventor in the software testing domain, 2021 DevOps Evangelist of the year finalist.

Varun Kulkarni

Senior Product Manager @ Cisco Systems Inc.

Varun is an AI, Cloud, and B2B Product Leader, having led multiple cross-functional product teams at Deloitte and Cisco. At Deloitte, he launched multi-million dollar digital 0-1 products for public-sector clients across millions of end-users while driving executive-level stakeholder engagement. At Cisco, he currently leads their global next-gen AI Reporting and Analytics product portfolio for Cloud Contact Centers.

He has an MBA from the University of Toronto and an MS from Northwestern University. He also judges many prestigious business awards and startup competitions. Additionally, Varun engages in startup advising and mentoring and has thought work published in various tech outlets.

David Loke

CEO @ ReadySpace Network Pte Ltd

In 1997, David Loke started a small business that did well initially but was on the verge of winding up shortly. After 5 years of struggle, something happened, and he took $300 and turned ReadySpace into a global business today - from the ground up with no investors. Today he teaching and advising this same framework that he has to other businesses and entrepreneurs.

Neil OConnell

MD @ Interactive

Experienced leader focused on creating and driving innovative technology strategies that increase shareholder value. Driven to maximize customer satisfaction leading to process, profit, and capital optimization.

Ezinne Osuamadi

Technical Product Manager @ SAP

Ezinne Osuamadi has a degree in Information Management Technology and has gained professional experience in various roles such as Technical Product Manager, Mobile Developer, Business Mentor, Software Engineer & Project Manager, and Programs Manager. She has worked with reputable organizations such as SAP, Wema Bank, Upskill Digital, Edubridge Consultants LTD, Nomadians Hub, McKinsey Forward Fellow, Meta /She Leads Africa, and Bright Network. Ezinne is also a Founder of Ladies Crushing IT Africa and a West Africa Regional Mentor for Google Women Techmakers.

Ameya Shastri Pothukuchi

Senior Product Manager @ Microsoft

I'm currently working as a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, and have advanced degrees in Computer Science and business administration (MBA).

My industry experience of working for 10+ years at top tech companies has given me a chance to work on and launch numerous complex software and business products.

I believe this experience coupled with my academic background will help me add value to the Product Advisory Board.

Madhan Rangaswamy

CTO @ Development United llc

Madhan Rangaswamy is a seasoned technologist with more than two decades of proven expertise in delivering large scale, enterprise grade systems with consistent results. He has worked in companies like Hewlett Packard, Symantec, Computer Associates, Proctor & Gamble, Trilliant Inc, Apple, Securly and now as a Technical Consultant for Smart City Projects

Frederic Rivain

CTO @ Dashlane

Frederic Rivain is a passionate CTO, who joined Dashlane after several years working in Gaming, Gambling and eCommerce. He is eager to learn, innovate and have fun with his team, so that Engineering can efficiently support the Dashlane business and offer the best service to Dashlane users. Outside of work, he always keeps very busy, being the proud father of 3 daughters. He needs his frequent dose of sport, as he likes to practice French boxing and trail running.

Rajni Sharma

Principal Product manager @ Rubrik

As an Electrical engineer in Technology sector, I bring core skills for understanding customer insights, identifying new business opportunities, delivering customer centric experiences and iterating on future forward Business models.
My experience with Consumer Software/Hardware Products at Microsoft, Apple and WellsFargo enables me to have deeper Product Insight and Customer Empathy. I have delivered some of key solutions for iCloud Accounts (Trusted devices, Multi Factor Authentication features), Itunes payment initiatives (Federated Payment Identity, Integration with 3P and 1P providers) Bing Search Ads Offerings and more recently at multiple start ups.

Shivam Srivastava

Product Manager @ Tatum

Shivam Srivastava is a talented and accomplished 22-year-old professional hailing from Bhilai, CG, India. He graduated with a degree in Computer Science.

Shivam has a diverse skillset and a proven track record of success. He previously worked as a Developer Advocate & in Product at Moralis, where he demonstrated his ability to communicate complex technical concepts to a wide range of audiences.

Currently, Shivam serves as a Product Manager at Tatum, where he continues to showcase his strategic thinking, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills. His ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and prioritise tasks ensures Tatum's product success.

Ashlee Shuler

Director, Belonging & Diversity Product Portfolio Strategy @ Workday

Ashlee Shuler is the Director, Belonging & Diversity Product Portfolio Strategy at Workday. She is responsible for the Global Belonging & Diversity (B&D) product vision and strategy for key solutions across the entire platform. Ashlee transitioned from a B&D practitioner, developing and executing strategies to embed B&D into Talent Experience, Talent Acquisition and Supplier Diversity processes and practices. Before leaning into B&D work at Workday, Ashlee was a passionate Senior Application Software Quality Assurance Engineer for the Talent and Performance product. She holds a MBA from Texas State University and resides in the Greater Houston, TX area.

Mark Szewczul

Security Center of Excellence Lead @ Nokia

Mark is a Security Architect and Manager with over 20 years of experience mastering numerous aspects of hardware design, DevSecOps and S-SDLC. His passion entails implementing best practices of security, privacy and safety principles at all 7-layers and beyond. He has achieved his MSEE degree in Information Science and Systems from Texas A&M University and the CISSP certification. Mark also has 3 patents and has published and presented several times.

Adam Tworkiewicz

Director of Product Management @ Teradata

Adam is a product leader who enjoys managing products for technical people. He started his career as a software engineer. Over the years, Adam has had roles in Enterprise Architecture, Developer Advocacy, and Product.

At Teradata, Adam is responsible for building and running a developer experience team. The team includes product managers and dev advocates and is am responsible for key products that define developer experience for Teradata users: the dev portal, flagship SQL IDE, flagship REST API, and critical integrations with 3rd party products.

Deepanshu Tripathi

Founder @ AssetMantle

Founder of AssetMantle, with 5 years of experience in building web3 products.

Asit Kumar Sahoo

Senior Commercial Product Manager @ Flexport

Asit is a seasoned Product, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship professional with 10+ years of experience across APAC, Europe, and the US. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a Master's equivalent in Industrial Management from NITIE, India. Asit advises CEOs, co-founded an e-commerce company, led multimillion-dollar M&A integrations, and launched innovative products. He specializes in 0 to 1 products and Growth scaling and currently leads a new product line at Flexport, making Global Trade easy. Asit also judges for prestigious awards and is a member of Leaders Excellence and other organizations.

Manoj Suryadevara

Staff Product Manager @ Walmart

Manoj is a product leader with 9 years of experience building data and application products. He currently works at Walmart improving the customer experience and operational processes leveraging data. In the past, he has worked as product manager for Expedia and American Express enhancing the strategic execution of their B2B and B2C offerings.

Paul van den Broek

Head of Product @ Coosto

Paul van den Broek focuses on delivering value by designing, building, and marketing products that solve user problems. In his role as Head of Product at Coosto, a SaaS solution to increase the reach, conversion, and interaction of your online content, he drives and manages product decisions. He sets the vision & strategy in alignment with market needs and the company’s growth goals. His interests, expertise, and enthusiasm in media technologies makes him a versatile and passionate product aficionado. Leveraging his background in UI/UX, Web Development and Marketing, Paul is determined to build products that deliver value and help users make better versions of themselves.

Rishikesh Yardi

Senior Product Manager @ Instacart

Rishi has experience leading Product Teams including Instacart, Facebook and Expedia spanning Ads, Consumer and Travel Tech. At Instacart and Facebook, Rishi enabled millions of businesses to advertise and helped grow revenue rapidly through ads. At Expedia, Rishi helped hoteliers manage their online business and helped improve guest experience for customers, helping save millions in customer service costs. Prior to becoming a product manager, Rishi worked in Investment banking and technology