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DevNetwork Advisory Boards are composed of industry leaders, visionaries, and technical executives in the software engineering industry. As the destination for the global developer, engineering & IT community, DevNetwork has both the goal and obligation to present the most cutting-edge, innovative, and relevant content at our industry conferences and events. Our Advisory Board members help make that possible.

The Product Advisory Board is a group of experts and industry executives who specialize in topics including: Product management practices, Agile methodologies, product / project management tools and technologies, product manager professional training, product development, launch, and marketing.The Product Advisory Board is a group of experts and industry executives who specialize in topics including: Product management practices, Agile methodologies, product / project management tools and technologies, product manager professional training, product development, launch, and marketing.

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Pulkit Agrawal

Co-founder & CEO @ Chameleon

Pulkit is the co-founder & CEO of Chameleon, a platform to help teams drive product success. He enjoys talking and writing about topics that include user onboarding, product-led growth, SaaS self-service, and UX. Prior to Chameleon, he worked in data modeling and analysis in London, helped unemployed youth start businesses in rural India, and read Engineering at University of Cambridge. He follows Liverpool FC regularly and enjoys meditating and cooking.

Shaaron Alvares

Senior Manager, Enterprise Agility @ Salesforce

Shaaron A Alvares is an Editor for DevOps and Agile at InfoQ and works as an Agile Transformation Leader at Salesforce. She has a global work experience in technology and organizational transformation and introduced lean agile product and software development practices within various global Fortune 500 companies. She led significant lean agile and DevOps practice adoptions and transformations while focusing on value-driven practices aligned with organizational performance goals. Board member, blogger, writer and keynote speaker, she is an Ambassador at the Continuous Delivery Foundation. Shaaron published her MPhil and PhD theses with the French National Center for Scientific Research.

Ori Bendet

VP of Product Management @ Checkmarx

Ori brings more than 16 years of senior-level experience to his role as VP of Product Management at Checkmarx where he oversees the entire AST portfolio, serving thousands of customers worldwide. He is an experienced product leader combining his strong technical and go-to-marketing skills. Ori also managed Checkmarx SAST which is a Gartner and Forrester market-leading solution used by thousands of customers worldwide and has been instrumental in spearheading the flagship Checkmarx One AST Platform
Prior to Checkmarx, he held leadership and engineering positions at Time To Know, HPE, PicApp, and Bezeq.

Shlomo Bielak

CTO @ Benchmark Corp

Shlomo's expertise is shifting how global markets and their best practices are being adopted and developed for software delivery. Implementing transformational initiatives that sustain and scale by working with his distinguished engineering team to invent bold new solutions for multi-cloud, DevOps, and DevSecOps. His approach allows teams to develop innovation potential while also enabling continuous deployments to production.
Additionally his team is creating new DevOps products that don't exist anywhere else. Solving complex SDLC equations maturity levels, and tactical roadmaps.

Unnati Chhabra

SDE-1 @ Zomato

I am Unnati, a final year student at IGDTUW, a past MLH Fellow who is currently living in Delhi, India. I am serving as Software Engineer at Zomato. I am an open-source contributor and past LFX Mentee. I have contributed to almost forty-five repositories, such as Layer5, open-horizon, and Public Lab.
I am the founder of CodXCrypt, which is an open-source community guiding people regarding open-source and project ideas.

Marc Edun

Chief Operations Officer @ Scopeweb

Marc is the Chief Operations Officer at Scopeweb which works at scale with SME's, growing startups, and established corporate sized entities to provide effective digital exposure while also building profitable websites and applications. Previously, he was a strategy consultant specializing in strategy and M&A finance operations. He graduated from Columbia University with a BA in economics and has experience working at a venture capital fund where he explored Series B+ technology and media startups with a consumer focus.

Amnon Even Zohar

Director, Product Management @ Cycode

An experienced hands-on Senior product manager with excellent inter-personal skills, long-term vision, passionate about leading company roadmap into new evolution stages while managing and satisfying customer expectations and putting customer first with powerful rich user experience (UX).
Focused on leading cutting edge security products in highly competitive market.

Soodeh Farokhi

VP of Product @ Nakisa Inc.

Dr. Soodeh Farokhi is a tech entrepreneur, a customer-centric product leader, and strategic executive with exponential experience in building product startups, defining a visionary but yet practical business model, adopting technologies that accelerate the growth, building a software product from the ground up, defining and executing the steps to pass the product-market-fit stage, building and managing strategic product and marketing roadmaps, building a winning team, building tier-1 strategic partnerships that accelerate the growth, and bringing the revenue to the company with a scalable pricing model. She is a working mom, startups advisor, mentor, board member, and D&I advocate.

Karthik Iyappan Gunasekaran

Head of Products & Engineering @ Udemy Inc.

My passion to build new tech products and scaling them to the market motivated me to pursue a career in products. It made me think about products with a customer centric perspective.

I am heading global product teams working on projects like SaaS based platforms & use of AI/ML. My motivation to get up everyday is to learn more about new technologies and build products for an exciting future.

I hold a BS degree in Electrical engineering from BITS, Pilani, an MS degree in Digital Technologies from The Johns Hopkins University and an MBA degree from The University of Iowa.

Jeff Keyes

VP Product @ Plutora

Jeff is VP of Product at the value stream management platform, Plutora. He has spent his career writing code, designing software features and UI, running dev and test teams, consulting and evangelizing DevOps and value stream management. Outside of six years at Microsoft, he has been primarily focused on growing startup companies.

David Loke

CEO @ ReadySpace Network Pte Ltd

In 1997, David Loke started a small business that did well initially but was on the verge of winding up shortly. After 5 years of struggle, something happened, and he took $300 and turned ReadySpace into a global business today - from the ground up with no investors. Today he teaching and advising this same framework that he has to other businesses and entrepreneurs.

Elijah Martinez

Product Manager @ SAP

Elijah Martinez has been engaged with the API evolution from the ground up at SAP for the past 7 years, helping to build a central API Catalog, developing the API Management tool into the core Integration Product line, and evangelizing APIs to internal stakeholders and customers. Frequent speaker at conferences on API-first mindset for ERP, Application Development, Mobile, and more.
Always learning and growing, excited about what is here, and what comes next.

Stephan Moerman

Chief Technology Officer @ Viewnary, Inc.

Stephan is Chief Technology Officer at Viewnary, where he oversees the Engineering and Data Science organizations, including leading the Infrastructure, IT, and Information Security teams, as well as managing Engineering across functions like Payments, Trust, and Community Support. Stephan combines technology expertise with a genuine passion for leveraging technology to advance Viewnary’s mission, placing community at the center of everything we do and every technical decision we make.

Madhan Rangaswamy

CTO @ Development United llc

Madhan Rangaswamy is a seasoned technologist with more than two decades of proven expertise in delivering large scale, enterprise grade systems with consistent results. He has worked in companies like Hewlett Packard, Symantec, Computer Associates, Proctor & Gamble, Trilliant Inc, Apple, Securly and now as a Technical Consultant for Smart City Projects

Mark Szewczul

Security Center of Excellence Lead @ Nokia

Mark is a Security Architect and Manager with over 20 years of experience mastering numerous aspects of hardware design, DevSecOps and S-SDLC. His passion entails implementing best practices of security, privacy and safety principles at all 7-layers and beyond. He has achieved his MSEE degree in Information Science and Systems from Texas A&M University and the CISSP certification. Mark also has 3 patents and has published and presented several times.

Rajni Sharma

Principal Product manager @ Rubrik

As an Electrical engineer in Technology sector, I bring core skills for understanding customer insights, identifying new business opportunities, delivering customer centric experiences and iterating on future forward Business models.
My experience with Consumer Software/Hardware Products at Microsoft, Apple and WellsFargo enables me to have deeper Product Insight and Customer Empathy. I have delivered some of key solutions for iCloud Accounts (Trusted devices, Multi Factor Authentication features), Itunes payment initiatives (Federated Payment Identity, Integration with 3P and 1P providers) Bing Search Ads Offerings and more recently at multiple start ups.

Paul van den Broek

Product Manager @ Coosto

Paul van den Broek focuses on delivering value and solving user problems by building & marketing products & user experiences. In his Product Manager role at Coosto, a SaaS solution for content & social media marketing, he drives and guards product decisions. He shapes product vision & strategy and aligns this with market needs and company’s growth goals. His interests, experience, and enthusiasm in media technologies makes him a versatile and passionate product aficionado. With a background in UI/UX, web development and marketing, Paul is determined to build products that deliver value and help users make better versions of themselves.