Presented by: Splunk

The “12 Rules” of Observability: Data Edition

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23, 2021, 2:00 PM EDT

Presented by: Splunk

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Episode #24: The “12 Rules” of Observability: Data Edition

Nicolette Graham – Observability PMM, Splunk
Dave McAllister – Sr. Tech Evangelist, Splunk

There are immutable laws and rules for many things, from nature to physics to karma. Observability, with its innate complexity, also has its own immutable rules, which transform elastic and ephemeral rote reactions to a clear and concise approach and understanding of your environment.

Join us to learn the rules you should understand with your approach to observability, including:

  • The impact of open and flexible data ingest and instrumentation
  • The impact of data retention and aggregation on blind spot analysis
  • The impact of data accuracy and precision on observability
  • The innate drive for seamless workflow integration, from alerts to resolution


Dave McAllister

Sr. Technical Evangelist – Splunk

Providing technical evangelism for Splunk, Dave works with DevOps, developers and architects to realize the advantages of modern microservice architectures and orchestration in distributed systems, especially for today’s fast-moving cycles.. He covers topics such as observability, concepts associated with software architectures and practices, open source software and on creating new technology. A self-described open source geek and standards wonk, you can find his opinions on twitter @dwmcallister and

Nicolette Graham

Observability PMM @ Splunk

Raul is a Software Engineer for the NGINX business unit at F5. He primarily works in the design and development of the NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller. He started his career coding web applications in Python, then he started to work with cloud environments and systems, switching Python for Go. Raul has a BSc and a MSc in Computer Science and experience integrating NGINX with several technologies like Prometheus, AWS services, etc.