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Hirepalooza Thought Leaders


At Hirepalooza (San Francisco, June 1-2) thought leaders in recruitment are coming together to discuss: how to stay top of mind and how to differentiate your brand to candidates. In a market that is flooded with opportunity, being top of mind to candidates and enabling them to distinguish your brand is critical. Because in recruitment—everyone who is looking for the same type of talent that you are is your competitor (not just the ones in your industry).

Even though only thirty percent of talent is actively looking for a new job, according to a recent LinkedIn survey, forty-five percent of professionals are researching new jobs and networking ever month.   Because of this companies have to become more cognizant of the talent that is available in the marketplace—and what talent is looking for.

Talent often knows about the companies that continuously advertise that their company is hiring. Take Applovin’s billboards on US 101—if you drive to or from San Francisco, you know that Applovin is still hiring. Regardless if you, are looking for a new role, you’re aware of Applovin—and if seventy percent of the talent market place is “passive talent” that’s a huge advantage for Applovin, because when that talent finally decides to start to look—they’re going to go right to Applovin’s hiring page.

If we go a step further and think of talent as an opportunity pipeline we can begin to see a much larger picture. If forty five percent of talent is researching and networking then we can discern that there’s actually only about fifty five percent of talent that’s not actively looking: meaning they aren’t networking or researching new jobs. Which doesn’t mean that they aren’t being approached or even entertaining new offers—it just means they aren’t actively looking.

Therefore, if forty-five percent of talent is researching and networking each month, forty-five percent has become our new active or “inbound” source for recruitment then we have to start rethinking our approach. There’s no one solution for recruitment—but there are key points or takeaways: remembering that your company is not a candidate’s first priority is key—and distinguishing your brand from its competitors in talent is a critical.

Join companies like Twitter, Lyft, IBM, HP, and 40+ more at Hirepalooza (San Francisco, June 1-2) in discussing how to overcome objections in the recruitment industry and create meaningful connections with talent.