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DevNetwork to ring the NASDAQ opening bell on April 20th!


As a part of MobileWeek, the DevNetwork team will ring the NASDAQ opening bell on Monday April 20, 2015 at 9:15a EDT. MobileWeek is where thought leaders in New York City converge to discuss and discover the newest innovations in smart phones, wearable technologies, and hyper-local Internet of Things. In honor of the occasion, Geoffrey Domoracki, Chief Executive Officer, and Jonathan Pasky, Co-Founder of DevNetwork, will ring the Opening Bell. Read more. The mission of MobileWeek 2015 is clear: host New York City’s largest celebration of Mobile technology and the Internet of Things. Smart Phones, Internet of Things, and Wearables are the fastest growing area of technology innovation. Mobile + Device development is the enabler of a connected life. We are facing the second generation of mobile technology, where smart phones and devices are more than just an extension of the desktop web – they are creating new touchpoints across health, communication, entertainment, business, and technology. Smart phones and devices are not “the new desktop”, they are a new way to live and work. In 2015 we ask all participants the question: What would a 100% Mobile Life look like? Will we ever truly break away from the desktop-centric life? The MobileWeek team looks forward to your participation in our 2015 conference and our entire week of city-wide partner events!