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MobileWeek 2015 Call for Speakers


MobileWeek 2015 + Call for Speakers!

Mark your calendars, NYC’s largest Mobile Tech Event Series is back in 2015!

A larger mobile economy means we need a larger MobileWeek 2015 (April 17-23, New York City). We’re scaling up with a new venue (Metropolitan West – 3X the size of last year’s venue) and one pass that will get you into 30+ city-wide partner events.

We are now accepting speaker proposals.

Contact us to get involved with MobileWeek 2015. This week-long event series will be held between April 17 and 23, with a one-day conference on Mon., April 20, at the new Metropolitan West.

Mobile makes us better, faster, smarter. Celebrate and learn about mobile technology. Build out your ideas at the MobileWeek hackathon. Get in front of mobile tech buyers. Demo apps and devices at the expo. Be the best, or vote for the best.

We’ll see you there.

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NYC BigApps Contest is in full swing!

Dear Technologists,

NYC BigApps is in full-swing after its launch on May 7!

BigApps is the premier showcase of NYC’s tech ecosystem and a flagship NYCEDC public-private partnership that rewards the best tech solutions to civic challenges in NYC. Over the past four years, it has catalyzed thousands of New Yorkers to build creative digital tools that improve New Yorkers’ lives. We are pleased to announce that MobileWeek is partnering in this year’s competition as a BigApps Ambassador, helping to get the word out to the technology, design, marketing, business development and nonprofit communities across New York and across the country. Anyone who resides in the United States is eligible to participate.

The BigApps message this year is clear – anyone can make NYC better. Whether you code an app, help design a great tech product, or are just a creative civic mind, you live, work, learn, and play here, and that’s the greatest asset you can bring as a competitor.

Join BigApps at their next event on June 19, or at any of their upcoming events by registering here. Deadline to submit your mobile app, game, data tool, web application or connected device/hardware technology is Saturday, July 12 to be eligible for a first round of judging on July 19 at NYC’s largest convening of the technology sector, the NYC BigApps Block Party.

Get involved: Like NYC BigApps on Facebook, follow @nycbigapps, tag #BigApps, and spread the word!

Email with any questions.

Team #BigApps

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The Dev Technology Landscape


As developers are empowered to make more influential decisions about the strategy of their company, the tools available to them are becoming equally as powerful and diverse. We at DevNetwork wanted to help explain the dev tech ecosystem with the below list (and infographic!) See the bottom of the article for our methodology – and contact us if you believe we missed an important technology! (Note – we’re limiting Version 2 to 200 total technologies so the infographic does not get overly complicated and therefore cannot include everything!)

Data Dev Technologies

are any technologies, platforms, or libraries helping developers work on or manage the data layer of their applications

Big Data Dev Platforms
Hadoop Dev Technologies
NewSQL Technologies
NoSQL Technologies
Graph Database Technologies
SQL Technologies

API Technologies

are any technologies or solutions that enable companies to deploy, manage, integrate, or market their API’s

API Infrastructure
API Services
API Middleware
API Markets / Directories

DevOps Technologies

are any solutions that help developers manage the “DevOps” layer of their technology stack including server configuration and scalability, security, and provisioning / management of libraries, frameworks, or services

Server Management
Content Delivery
Ops Management
Log management
Configuration Management

Dev Platforms

are technologies that handle the cloud hosting and DevOpps configuration of your application, letting developers build web and mobile apps without having to think about what’s going on below the application layer

Web App Platforms
Mobile App Platforms
Commercial Language Platform / Libraries

Coding Tools

include coding environments, code collaboration tools, and code version management tools which help developers store, share, and deploy each edit to their code

Version Control
Coding Environment
Code Collaboration
Open Source Code Frameworks
Open Source Code Languages
Continuous Integration

App Analytics

is provide analytics dashboards for developers to test and monitor apps at the programmatic level

Web App Analytics Technologies
App Performance Management
Mobile App Analytics
App Testing / Automation Technologies

Cloud Tools

include any specific cloud-based hosting environment or cloud-based infrastructure service

Cloud Hosting
User Cloud Services

Operating System Dev

includes operating systems that are maintained by the developer community

Open Source Desktop OS
Commercial Desktop OS

Mobile Device Dev

includes mobile devices with developer platforms

A Note on Methodology

Neatly organizing the entire developer technology ecosystem is only possible in broad strokes and broad generalizations. Many of the listed technologies / companies belong in multiple categories, and we focused their categorization on the main category / subcategory that is most associated with how they market their main product(s). This landscape is not meant to be comprehensive, since there are hundreds of coding languages and frameworks we could have listed, but instead serves to group types of technologies at a high level. For simplicity’s sake, Version 2.0 will not exceed 200 technologies, which means if you submit a new technology or company, it may not get placed either because it is not itself a standalone company / organization, it is not established enough in the market, or we simply have too many technologies within that category already. We did not add API’s since there thousands of API’s across travel, social networks, news, software platforms, etc. and ProgrammableWeb already does a good job organizing API’s by category.

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The first annual MobileWeek NYC is a wrap!


The first annual MobileWeek NYC is a wrap! With over 1,000 participants across 15 events including our conference, hackathon, and week-long events series, the MobileWeek team is definitely looking forward to coming back to NYC in 2015 to continue being the largest week of mobile tech events! Participating companies included Google, Twitter, Spotify, StackOverflow, Millennial Media, Appssavvy, Intel, Pivotal Labs, MobileAppTracking, and 20+ more! If you’re interested in forming a partnership with MobileWeek 2015 (or any of our DevNetwork conferences + events) then contact us here!

Our hackathon featured 12 teams building apps for iPhone, Android, mobile web, Google Glass, and Pebble watches – and below are the winners!

Winner #1: Fiestafy

Party’s on. BYOMusic.
Here’s how it works – you’re hosting a party. You have some jams, but let’s not be responsible for setting the mood the entire time. Let your guests at to the playlist queue by tweeting an artist and song name to your party playlist that you’ve set up on the Fiestafy app! Uses the Spotify API and the Twitter API

Winner #2: This or That

This or That? is an Android app that allows users to crowd source decision making. Users snap pictures of two items they are torn on buying and the app will start a poll, allowing friends (or random strangers) to vote/comment. The app also integrates with Twitter (OAuth and tweeting of new polls).

Winner #3: REGULARS

REGULARS uses Apple iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy technology to help restaurants keep track of their customers and reward customer loyalty.

Here’s how it works: Within minutes of arriving, you’ll automatically receive a welcome prompt to open the app and immediately receive info about that restaurant – you won’t have to select from a list of nearby restaurants – there’s no need to remember to open the app each time, no need to log in or check in. You can unlock deals like free drinks and appetizers based on how many times you’ve visited and see any specials the restaurant is currently offering.

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Why ‘mobile development’ is the hottest focus in tech innovation


Reposted from Technorati

One key take-away of the DeveloperWeek 2014 Conference + Event Series is that mobile development is the next big frontier of tech innovation. The driver isn’t necessarily just money, either. Although the mobile market will generate $400 billion more spending by 2015 than the $139 billion it did back in 2012.

Pure innovation and the curiosity to build entirely new relationships between objects, tasks, and locations is what drives mobile developers, as well.
On the surface, it may seem like the technologies for mobile (such as a database, business logic, HTML 5 or Javascript, analytics tools, ad networks, etc) would be the same for both web and mobile. Yet between multi-device compatibility, phone-specific actions and events, geo-local advertising, and “internet of things” integration, new mobile dev technologies are taking advantage of the unique features of a mobile developer world.

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DeveloperWeek Kicks Off with MBaaS-heavy Hackathon

DeveloperWeek has started in San Francisco, promising to offer a wide range of activities during the week, including two days of packed conference sessions, coding workshops, tech start-up open days, and evening hiring mixers. To kick start the week of events, DeveloperWeek hosted a hackathon at the Rackspace offices in San Francisco’s SoMa district. Although a number of API providers sponsored prizes and had Developer Evangelists on-site to assist competitors (including Evernote, Context.IO, Gnip, SendGrid, and Dun & Bradstreet), it was the number of mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) vendors representing that had hackers bemused. Kii Cloud,, Parse, OpenShift, and Microsoft Windows Azure were all on hand to encourage developers to use their mobile MBaaS platforms when designing apps. (more…)

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